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4 Reasons why you should hire a Professional Mover and not do it yourself.

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4 Reasons why you should hire a Professional Mover and not do it yourself.

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At Gold Coast Moves we understand that moving home can be fun! It is always recommended to use a professional when moving home.

1. Secure and Safe Packing and Unpacking
Professional furniture removalists know all the best techniques to safely pack and unpack your belongings because after all, it is their profession! With years of packing and unpacking experience, they are certain to understand the best way to stack, wrap and pack everything from the plates in the kitchen to your bulky items in the shed.
The risk of breakages is real when moving. So many of our personal items are breakable and when they are stacked and moved they risk breakages. By hiring a professional furniture removals company, the experts can pack everything in a way that offers maximum security and less risk of breakages. They also understand the safety of your belongings is paramount and will consider the best options to protect your valued items during the whole process from packing to moving and unpacking. You can rely on their expertise and have less reason to fear of breakages or loss of your valuables in the process.

2. Insurance
As we just discussed, the risk of breakages or loss is real during any house or office move. Of course, the risk is reduced when you hire a professional removals company, and when you carefully select a professional company that includes Insurance, you’ve got nothing to fear. You see, if by chance there should be any breakage or loss amongst your items during the move, the furniture removers will take on the responsibility and contact the insurance company.
That’s great news as it means that should the unthinkable happen, your precious items will be replaced or compensation provided, putting your mind at ease and taking some stress out of the moving process. And logic should tell you that a removal company taking responsibility for your beloved belongings means that their staff is going to do their best to protect your goods because after all, their reputation (and integrity) is at stake!

3. Efficiency
Moving to a new location normally involves moving within a certain time frame. You may have just settled your new house purchase, or want to avoid paying rent at two different locations. By allowing professional Melbourne based movers to help you with your local or interstate move, you can take the guess work out of the process and move with smooth efficiency. They will know the best route to take based on the traffic on moving day, and the fastest way to move bulky items in tricky areas.
The team will have a detailed plan ready to execute even before the day of the move, with helpful advice and understanding that ensures the move goes swiftly and without flaw and tailored to your requirements. The complete process from packing to unpacking can be completing so much more efficiently if you recruit professionals in the field to give you a helping hand.

4. Cost-Effective
Logically, it may appear that doing the moving yourself is a great cost saver, and in some cases that’s true. But the moving process often involves many stages that you may not even have considered, and finding out later may prove costly.
Because moving house specialists have a full understanding of the planning and systems involved, they can genuinely help keep your moving costs down.
There are many costly mistakes to be had when it comes to moving, including broken items, damage to walls and floors, excessive fuel consumption due to miscalculated trip numbers, and excess packaging costs.
Allowing a team of professional local and interstate removalists to handle the job for you will quite probably save you a lot of unexpected expenditure, and let’s face it, we could all use some savings in our pocket.

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